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Why a Quality System?

A quality system provides a stable solution that is optimal for long-term maintenance of research rigor standards.

A quality system is not just a collection of guidelines and instructions but is rather:

  • A tool to coordinate and direct an organization’s activities to meet requirements and improve its effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis
  • A „mirror“ that researchers and others can use to evaluate how they perform and what needs to be changed or improved

What is the EQIPD Quality System?

The EQIPD Quality System is a user-friendly, lean, fit-for-purpose and flexible system developed by the EQIPD consortium of scientists and quality professionals with highly diverse expertise and background. 

At the heart of the EQIPD Quality System, there are 18 core requirements that have been defined by the EQIPD team.

Please read about the EQIPD quality system - preprint

How do I start implementing the EQIPD Quality System?

Step 1 - Learn about EQIPD Quality System

Besides reading the white paper prepared by the EQIPD team as an introduction to its quality system, please review:

Step 2 - Review core requirements

Please review the self-assessment form developed by EQIPD.

If your research unit meets most (or even all) of the requirements and requires no further information or assistance, please complete the self-assessment form and approach the EQIPD team.

If your research unit needs further information or assistance, please approach the EQIPD team.

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